International Projects and Services

To participate in programs sponsored by international multilateral agencies, to meet the needs of service or to collaborate efficiently with local or national foreign entities, requires the knowledge of logics and relation arquitectures, different from the own, from a conceptual, legal and cultural point of view.

  • Conceptualizing, drafting and presenting european projects in those areas related to proximity and personal services: culture, education, training, social services, participation, fight against discrimination, youth, gender, digital.
  • Designing international financing strategies.
  • Preparing procurements for international organisms.
  • Participating in international networks and projects.
  • Creating, developing and maintaining international networks.
  • Strategic prospecting for funding research.
  • International cultural cooperation with Latin America and Europe.
  • Establishing bilateral and multilateral relations.
  • International implementation of subsequent services.
  • Identifying, establishing and evaluating strategic alliances public-private.
  • Defining and implementing international position strategies for cultural, educational and social organizations.
  • Cultural diplomacy.

Applied research

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Strategic planning

(Català) Durant la definició de les estratègies d’intervenció pública i privada són imprescindibles anàlisis territorials, sectorials i organitzatives que permetin identificar noves necessitats i detectar els actius disponibles…

Congresses and conferences

(Català) La complexitat de l’organització d’un congrés ha de resoldre’s en la facilitat d’accés a la informació, continguts i persones per part d’assistens i ponents en un entorn fluid i professional alhora…

Proyectos > Unión Europea

Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship

For further information, click on the project webpage   The lack of opportunities that young people are suffering to find a job as employees in the changing societies we live in, specially since 2008, needs urgently innovative solutions.. Youth unemployment rates are astonishing: Scotland:14.9%; Bulgaria 19.4%; Italy 37.9%; Spain 45.7% . About 400.000 Spanish young people have emigrated since the crisis started, generating brain drain.Traditional ways to recruit, train and develop employments have vanished. Nonetheless, the creation of social enterprises…

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Talent Matching: Vocational mentoring for IVETs in Europe’s creative and cultural industries

The aim of the Talent Matching project, lead in Barcelona by CEPS Projectes Socials, is to design, test and validate a new training programme and EQF-aligned standards of competency framework for Vocational Mentors that support young disadvantaged people into Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) in Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs). This two-year project is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission and started in November 2015. It is lead by Collage Arts in London and will…

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The DIGIJOB.ID project, co-funded by the Erasmus + KA2 programme and led led by the Austrian company BFI, develops open learning modules to create interactive and digital CVs with VET students, apprentices and graduates. It uses a wide range of social networks to enhance the skills of students with two objectives: a) develop a professional identity and b) help improve job search processes, developing both digital skills and presentation skills, whilst using social networks safely and according to their professional…

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Co-game: Collaborative cultural heritage video game creation

The Project Co-game, led by CEPS Social Projects and co-funded by the Erasmus + KA2 programme for Vocational Training, seeks to promote the production of video games for education and training through the adaptation of practical tools that generate training courses to create games. This enhances and interconnects new narrative forms to create a truly living culture heritage, which also involves both the industry and other institutions involved in education and training. (cover image by Jonathan McIntosh on Flickr CC…

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