BeLearning: open, sharing, transfer, transform into participatory learning

BeLearning  is defined as a methodology for open training processes designed to learn, share, transfer and enjoy knowledge. It uses new technologies through a blend training combining, meetings, working and research involving virtual spaces, digital tools and online platforms in a rich mix of interactions with traditional tools: presentations, lectures, workshops, classes.

The project BeLearning: environments for expanding knowledge will adapt this model  it to three different realities in Europe: teachers in Belgium, social activists in UK and audiovisual students in France; as well and  to readapt it for the target group of Trànsit Projectes: cultural managers. In short, the project is taking advantadge of the big experience of the partners in changing the methodology to the needs of the different contexts combined with a longer stress on employability, inclusion of VET professionals and the search for practical results.

More info at http://belearning.info