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Technical assistance for the documentation of the EU Heritage project OPENARCH

The main idea of Archaeological Open-Air Museums is to present both the tangible and intangible past to the public. The tangible parts of Archaeological Open-Air Museums are the archaeological remains and the reconstructions of these (houses, ships, complete environments). The intangible and most interesting part of an Archaeological Open-Air Museum is the story of the people that once lived there. ITD is in charge of the documentation management of the whole of activities developed by the project: reports, exchanges, conferences, catalogues and exhibitions. More…

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European Cultural Learning Network: vocational educacion and training for culture

The European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) has been established to explore the vocational education and training issues that are relevant to ‘Cultural Learning’ practitioners, and the organisations that employ them. It is financed by the Life Long Learning programme till 2015. By ‘Cultural Learning’, we mean the whole range of artistic and cultural learning that is delivered by artists and creative people within and across 3 different situations: informal situations non-formal situations formal situations

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Training course: Innovating in cultural communication

Addressed to scholars of the Cultural Centre of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú and organized from Barcelona: 4 presential sessions in Lima. Connecte with teachers in Barcelona, content were communication strategy and  communication tools as Facebook and twitter to connet with culture publics.

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