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Fresh-up economics

How is money created – every day? Why are the interest rates of the European Central Bank currently so low? What are the reasons of financial and economic crises? How can the euro zone problems be explained? Do we need economic growth? What does it mean to organise an economy which runs socially and ecologically? What different schools economic thinking exist?  What about the impact of these various interpretations of economy on the concrete proposals to the economic policy of…

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MIGOBI: learning for entrepreneurship

The project MIGOBI is a partnership of nine European countries in VET, adult education and higher education who want to contribute to Europe 2020 goals basically by developing an open, flexible, interactive and engaging learning module on developing and experiencing entrepreneurial spirit in intercultural learning settings combining approaches used in adult education (open processes, learner centred) and approaches used in VET (outcome oriented, efficient). This module is designed to facilitate exchange between different learners on their values and attitudes concerning…

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Creative actions for a SAME World for all people!

#sameworld #EYD2015 Climate Change, Environmental Injustice, Rights of Nature, Refugee and Migrant Rights…these are connected issues relevant to us all, but they are often presented in isolation. It is time to take action and see the connections. Environmental Justice is a key issue, but what does it mean? Basically, it means that all people have the same access to safe and healthy living conditions. However, at present, some people are enjoying the benefits of development: energy, clean water, and high…

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