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Training course: Innovating in cultural communication

Addressed to scholars of the Cultural Centre of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú and organized from Barcelona: 4 presential sessions in Lima. Connecte with teachers in Barcelona, content were communication strategy and  communication tools as Facebook and twitter to connet with culture publics.

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Bridge the gap: training in Barcelona

The project   BRIDGE THE GAP  has as main aim to develop learnings and key competencies in further and vocational training. It has a local transfer in a cours organized in Barcelona and addressed to cultural, community and educational managers. 1st session: 4th November 2013. Centre Cívic Casa Sagnier. 10 to 15 h. Topic: Creativity, social media, culture 2ond session: 11th November 2013. Centre Cívic Casa del Rellotge. 10 to 15 h. Topic: Tourism, heritage, environment 3rd session: 13th May 2014.…

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