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BeLearning: environments for expanding knowledge

BeLearning: open, sharing, transfer, transform into participatory learning BeLearning  is defined as a methodology for open training processes designed to learn, share, transfer and enjoy knowledge. It uses new technologies through a blend training combining, meetings, working and research involving virtual spaces, digital tools and online platforms in a rich mix of interactions with traditional tools: presentations, lectures, workshops, classes. The project BeLearning: environments for expanding knowledge will adapt this model  it to three different realities in Europe: teachers in Belgium,…

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Access to rights and citizenship

Its main aim is to investigate, in a participative way, with associations and people from the romanian community, which is the situation of their fundamental rights, as they are described by the European Union, and develop tools that allow both their knowledge and their improvement throughout a process of research-action during 2011 and 2012, integrating the detected expectations, necessities and proposals in the developement of the programmed actions in an open, participative way and adapted to the reality of the…

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