The CARVE ( Companies Against Gender Violence ) project’s main is to raise awareness and prevent gender based violence ( #GBV ) committed against women through a comprehensive European campaign led by companies. The project’s purpose is to tackle domestic violence through a workplace angle in order to break the taboo to address at the work place violence against women.
This two-year project is co-financed by the ‘DG Justice: Daphne Programme’ of the European Commission and started in December 2014. It is lead by Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE) and will be implemented by partners in five countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Greece and Bulgaria), who will gather good practices in each country. Results will be shared among national stakeholders and will be used to elaborate a European guide of best practices in combating violence against women that will be disseminated across Europe.
CARVE project partners aim to improve the knowledge of key stakeholders (companies, trade unions, NGOs, policy makers) on gender based violence issues and the needs of its victims. By focusing on the professional environment, the project partners recognize the importance of companies in this matter and encourage them to become lead actors, thus creating a network of support for primary beneficiaries (women who are victims of domestic violence) at their workplace. This will improve the knowledge of target groups, but also achieve increased awareness regarding the importance of companies’ involvement in the fight against gender based violence. It will allow women to find help within their workplace and be supported by sensitized colleagues. Furthermore, the elaboration of a Best Practices Guide will inform about the best ways to support victims and will formulate concrete policy recommendations on a national and European level.
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