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CARVE ( Companies Against Gender Violence ) project

The CARVE ( Companies Against Gender Violence ) project’s main is to raise awareness and prevent gender based violence ( #GBV ) committed against women through a comprehensive European campaign led by companies. The project’s purpose is to tackle domestic violence through a workplace angle in order to break the taboo to address at the work place violence against women.   This two-year project is co-financed by the ‘DG Justice: Daphne Programme’ of the European Commission and started in December 2014. It…

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Learning Circle Debate in the Neighborhood

Supporting youth workers and young role models to develop their competences and be better equipped to support youth to be heard and to be connected to society. The competences that they learn address current needs in European society and therefore it will increase employment opportunities on the long term. Competences that they learn are: understanding and analyzing violations of children’s and youth rights, improving their training skills to connect youth to society and bringing stakeholders and youth together to work…

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